I happily welcome a limited number of commissioned paintings each year.
Please call (619) 523-1217 for open calendar time or email alex2253@cox.net.
Where Do We Start?
Call me to discuss what you would like to "see" in your painting.
We need to talk about what you like about my work, which pieces of my art
are your favorites. This helps me understand how to approach, feel, design
and layout your painting.
Great photos are a must in creating wonderful commissioned paintings!
We need to have multiple angles and shots of your horse with clear focus and
good lighting. In action and at rest if possible, I need to get a good sense of them
to capture a moment for you.
Pricing is based on size and complexity. When you call, please tell me which
ones of my paintings you like the best. that helps me get a read on what
you're looking for!