What are Giclee prints?

Pronounced: "ja - clay"

The Giclee printing process is the most advanced form of digital printmaking
available, capable of reproducing artwork with remarkable accuracy, reproducing
the artist's original qualities, style and technique. The process allows for far greater
and more beautiful colour rendition than traditional offset or lithograph prints.

Our Giclee reproduction prints, use only state of the art inks and printing methods,
Available, printed on the highest quality archival paper or heavyweight canvas.
Canvas prints are the closest thing possible to owning an original oil painting,
at a fraction of the cost!

In our art prints we are dedicated to the faithful reproduction of our original artwork and
highest quality with integrity to the original art, the detail, and the brilliance of colours.
We want you to have the best!

From an archival standpoint, the Giclee on paper is as permanent and lasting as any other
work of art done on paper. Giclee's printed on canvas have a far greater life expectancy.
Framing a Giclee, as with all fine art, requires conservation materials and procedures.
Consult a professional framer for fine art conservation framing.

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